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Why Invest in Avareum

It also acts as an alternative investment vehicle that gives investors better yield compared to traditional finance, which has limited yield no matter how you diversify your portfolio to any traditional assets. However, to get a better yield, DeFi comes with the sophisticated new area of risk domains that traditional finance has never experienced before. Moreover, to invest in DeFi, investors need to have in-depth technical pieces of knowledge and understanding and be ready to adapt to changes since the movement in the DeFi world is several times faster than traditional finance ones.

In traditional finance,after the 2000’s Dotcom bubble and 2008’s subprime, for decades of stimulus by central banks worldwide, the money supply of fiat currencies is at an all-time high. The yield of the debt market now is, on the contrary, all-time low to near-zero percent. Thus, an asset allocation that worked efficiently in the past financial world does not work anymore since diversification to low-risk assets like bonds or fixed-income damages portfolio performance by their low yield.

Traditional fund management requires fund managers, compliance teams, fund administrators, onboarding teams, and steps of outdated fund management protocols. This causes a lot of unnecessary burden cost of fund management that hurts bottom-line performance returned to investors. Those steps can be enhanced using smart contracts for fund management automation and Artificial Intelligence for fund management strategies and monitoring.

Investment Strategies


Our investment philosophy is built on
the belief that there is no single trading strategy that can win in all market conditions.

To align with market conditions, whether it be sideway, uptrend, or downtrend, we have designed a thematic fund strategy. Our thematic funds are based on both qualitative and quantitative analysis, with our fund managers conducting a thorough analysis of the investment universe of an asset based on fundamental, macroeconomic, and megatrend factors. From there, we select strategies that match the current market conditions, with a focus on quantitative analysis. We do not rely on back-testing as we believe that a strategy that may work in one market condition may not be effective in another.



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