Avareum Fundamental Fund

Seeking for long-term growth by investing in digital assets backed with high potential Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects.

Why invest in Fundamental Fund?

Date as of July, 2023

Portfolio diversification to digital assets for risk management

Avareum Fundamental Fund minimizes risks of your overall investment portfolio by diversifying to digital assets through Avareum Allocation Model.

Enhance yield by promising valuation model

We evaluate each digital assets by using on-chain data with Avareum’s Particular Ratios Calculation together with tradingtional finance methodology for the high-quality asset selection.

Digital economy is mega trend opportunity

Billions of dollars for digital investments have been made in the past few years along with the growth of Decentralized Finance(DeFi) on the blockchain technology.

DeFi yield > Traditional Finance Yield

Replacing unnecessary burden costs of conventional
fund management with Smart Contract to boost up
the bottom-line performance returned to investors.

Fund Objective

Date as of July, 2023

The Avareum Fundamental Fund is a long-term investment aiming to capitalize on digital assets that have productivity and growth potential by using Avareum Valuation Model adapted from traditional finance methodology with the on-chain data tracked from blockchain technology.

To select the digital assets, we highly believe that an outstanding protocol should generates sustainable growth in revenue. Then, the fundamental of the project should reflect the price of the token by the mechanism of tokenomics.


Date as of July, 2023



Fund Details

Date as of July, 2023

Fund NameAvareum Fundamental Fund
Subscription TermMonthly Subscription, 0.5% All Fees
Rebalancing Date5th of each calendar month
Redemption TermsMonthly Redemption, 0.5% All Fees
Minimum Subscription100,000 USDC
Management Fees2.00% p.a.
Performance Fees10.00% p.a.
Front-End Fee1%
Investment PlatformBinance
Expected Return30-50%
Expected Drawdown20%
Return GeneratingCapital Gain
Fund PlatformCayman Islands Open-Ended Fund
Sharpe Ratio*1.85
Risk RateHigh

*The Sharpe Ratio is calculated by dividing the excess return of an investment by the investment’s standard deviation. While this methodology provides a useful measure of risk-adjusted return, it is important to note that it relies on various assumptions and statistical models. We may update constantly based on the future changes in factors.

Investment Theme

Date as of July, 2022

Investment Strategies

Crypto Selection

  • Evaluate protocol
  • Valuation model by
    onchain data

Market Filter

  • Cash/Asset allocation
  • Market condition eg.
    Market breadth indicator,
    Volatility target

Sector Allocation

  • Asset allocation based on investment theme
  • Hierarchy Risk Parity Model

Single Asset Allocation

  • Diversify asset investment
    in each sector
  • Black-Littleman Model

Fund Managements

Panuwat Ulis

Fund Manager

Niran Pravithana


Napat Vitthayanuwat

Risk Manager

Theerawat Songyot

Chief AI Scientist


Fund Information

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