Avareum RoboFund

Generating alpha through algorithmic trading in highly volatile digital asset markets

Why Avareum RoboFund?

Unleash Your Investment With Robo-Trading

Empowering investors to utilize advanced technology for capital appreciation through automated trading, with the ability to operate beyond human limitations in terms of the frequency and diversity of digital markets.

Unlock Digital Asset Potential

Our fund provides a complementary investment option with market-independent returns, tailored for investors seeking diversification, particularly those with limited exposure to or concentrated investment within the digital asset space.

Balance Risks and Rewards

Our fund employs quantitative methods and rigorous risk management to carefully balance risk and return of portfolio.

Fund Objective

Avareum RoboFund offers a complementary investment alternative through algorithmic trading within digital asset markets, with the aim of achieving investment alphas. We leverage automated systems to execute diverse strategies at the dynamics beyond traditional operations.

Our approach involves mitigating market risks through the selection of uncorrelated assets. Moreover, we employ volatility targeting to maintain a balanced risk-return profile.


Date as of June 15, 2024



Fund Details

Fund NameAvareum RoboFund
SubscriptionMonthly, At The End Of Month
RedemptionMonthly, At The End Of Month
Management Fee2.00%
Performance Fee20.00%
Front-End Fee3%
Investing PlatformBinance
Annualized Return116%
Annualized Volatility26%
Return StrategyCapital Gain
Fund StructureCayman Islands Open-Ended Fund
Risk LevelHigh
Minimum Subscription30,000 USDC

*Disclaimer: Results are based on backtesting with out-of-sample data and bullish market conditions. Past performance does not guarantee future outcomes.

Investment Philosophy

Management Team

Niran Pravithana

Theerawat Songyot

Napat Vitthayanuwat


Fund Information

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